House of Brands

Welcome to our house of brands, with a rich history and heritage specialising in the residential market, our recent collaboration with TalkTalk has propelled our growth and customer acquisition capabilities to new heights. Explore our diverse product portfolio, extending from broadband and energy to water and council tax setup, and spanning all the way to TV and mobile SIMs. Our offerings come with flexible contracts tailored to meet the needs of our expanding residential base, currently standing at 66,000 strong. Discover the convenience and flexibility we bring to every aspect of your home-related services.

Home Telecom

Home Telecom supply UK residents and tenants with Broadband, phone and mobile packages. As the preferred supplier for over 4,000 Letting and Estate Agents delivering superfast, and super reliable broadband with unique and exceptional UK based customer service. It’s what sets Home Telecom apart, and according to what our customers say, it’s why they stick with us.

Fleur Telecom

Fleur Telecom provides excellent line rental, call, broadband connectivity supported by exceptional UK-based customer service that is located in the UK. Since most of our customers live in rural areas, we work hard to provide them with the greatest communications options possible.

Eclipse Broadband

Eclipse Broadband was originally part of the KCom group. However, was acquired as part of the Home Telecom group three years ago. We have continued servicing and supporting the ever-growing customer base in Hull, as customers welcome our great customer service fact that we want to pick up the phone and solve their challenges all from our UK based call centre.

Our brands are supported by

Strong, dependable networks with the top national home broadband providers in the UK underpin Telecom Acquisitions. As a holding company, we are able to offer state-of-the-art home broadband services throughout the country with the unrivalled connection solutions that our carefully nurtured partnerships provide for our brands.

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