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Telecom Acquisitions partners with MS3 Networks to offer better broadband choice in Hull

Horsham-based Telecom Acquisitions, the holding company for consumer brands Home Telecom, Fleur and Eclipse Telecom, has partnered with leading fibre network provider MS3 Networks. Adding another internet service provider (ISP) to its expanding network, Home Telecom will join MS3 to further strengthen both companies’ position in the home broadband market.

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As a fibre operator based in Hull, MS3 aims to challenge the status quo and bring competition to the Hull connectivity market, which has long endured a ‘broadband monopoly’ lead by a single main provider. Now with over 30 ISPs using its fibre network, MS3 is bringing local people more choice in broadband provider as well as significant cost savings.

Having announced an official partnership with TalkTalk in November 2022, Telecom Acquisitions have also gone from strength to strength in recent years. Home Telecom packages offer flexible broadband, mobile SIM-only and phone packages, as well as home energy and Sky TV. With options starting from just £24 per month, customers can enjoy a smooth connectivity experience that caters to a range of budgets.

This offers a significant benefit to customers in Hull. Previously, due to the broadband monopoly held by KCOM, Sky was not an option for connectivity in the area. With no BT Openreach or Virgin Media infrastructure, or local partnerships with core TV package providers, household names like Sky have been historically unavailable to consumers.  

“Welcoming Home Telecom to our network marks another important move for us,” said Sam Hales, sales and marketing director at MS3 Networks. “Our ISP partner network has grown substantially in 2023 and each partner brings its own unique set of benefits. Working with Home Telecom means we can offer people in Hull services they’ve previously been unable to access, while providing them even better choice in broadband supplier.”

“Onboarding yet another supplier is testimony to the excellent service we offer our customers, and now we can offer the fastest and most reliable broadband on the market, futureproofing services for our customers, wrapped up in our Trustpilot rated ‘Excellent’ service — it’s a real win for the consumer,” said Nigel Barnett, CEO of Telecom Acquisitions.


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