Neatly TAL acquisition

Home Telecom, the leading consumer brand of the Telecom Acquisitions group, is delighted to announce yet another strategic acquisition, this time in the form of the customer base of Neatley, a small well run business with a well-established TalkTalk and Vodafone customer base.

Neatley, who will continue trading as part of the Intelling group, will continue adding customers in the future but now powered by Home Telecom, ensuring customers receive the exceptional customer service that Home Telecom are renowned for in the industry.

Home Telecom has further come to the support of smaller customer bases, recently seen in the demise of Zybre – assisting MS3, the network provider who have been supporting customers during a difficult period. These customers are now in the process of being transferred to Telecom Acquisitions recently purchased OpenFibre brand.

With no sign of slowing down on this fast acquisition growth, Home Telecom continue to onboard major AltNets suppliers, Full Fibre, Freedom Fibre and CityFibre with the view that one postcode check will for the first time give the customer total choice. Further developing the strategic partnership and benefits of being part of the TalkTalk group.

Nigel Barnett CEO commented “Times are really changing fast in this land grab of passing homes. Funders are now actually taking into account the real numbers of homes connected into their forecast, which is a totally different number to the homes passed and really affects the drawdown of funds. So watch this space. It is well documented that in just over three years we have added over 75,000 customers, I am reassured that only a handful of extremely well-funded AltNets have more customers than our group.”

As the Telecom Acquisitions group continues to grow, Telecom Acquisitions would welcome any company with a residential base that they may wish to capitalise on or any AltNets wishing to add customers to get in-touch to discuss either working collaboratively or acquisition plans.


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