The “acquisition mission” continues for Telecoms Acquisitions Limited (TAL) as they add an additional 2,800 customers to the group. If you’re not aware, TAL owns and operates multiple successful consumer broadband brands, including Home TelecomFleurEclipse, and more.

They have a track record of providing sustainable growth while upholding a “top-tier” service for end users. Home Telecom boasts an impressive 4.5 stars on Trustpilot across 10,800+ reviews. To put that into perspective, most national broadband players struggle to obtain over two stars.

Nigel Barnett, CEO of TAL, has been vocal about wanting to increase the customer base through acquisition. Although the group connects nearly 2000 new customers per month organically, they’re keen to increase growth through acquisition.

Over the past twelve months, TAL has secured over ten deals across multiple structures. Some acquisitions have been secured through complete takeovers (brand and customers), while others have been “base takeovers,” like the Cuckoo migration or the Infinics & No One Internet deal. The list goes on.

This is where TAL has had most of its success. To a degree, TAL can be seen as somewhat of a “lifeline” to many brands and, for others, a method to raise capital on a somewhat draining operation.

It’s no secret that we’ve seen a large number of new entrants hit the UK market over the past six years. With such strong investment in the Full Fibre revolution, many saw the opportunity to enter a “cash-rich” industry (networks offering crazy “connection bonuses” and all-time low monthly cost prices).

But operating an ISP at a high standard with sensible margins is a difficult task, to say the least.

Enter TAL and their methods to help brands come back afloat.

Now, focusing back on the latest deal with Eze Talk, we can see TAL do what it does best: migrate an already successful company’s consumer broadband base into the TAL ecosystem.

The deal was completed yesterday, and it’s a win-win for both parties.

Eze Talk Managing Director Mike Walsh commented, “Residential business was the mainstay of our business in our early days, but as we are all aware, markets change, and many years ago, we decided B2B was a more sustainable route for the future. Nigel is a character in our industry, and hats off to a man who has put circa 100,000 customers together in four short years. We feel comfortable that our customers will be in excellent hands.”

TAL CEO Nigel Barnett has said, “Eze Talk Residential was part of the very successful Eze Talk Group that has been established for 22 years and is a serious player in the B2B space. Eze Talk Residential is a traditional telephony base including lines, calls, broadband, and all the other services that go with it.

“Personally, this acquisition means a lot to me, as Eze Talk helped me with the residential sector when we first set up 14 years ago. The family has really established themselves in the B2B sector, and their trust in us taking over their residential side means a lot. There are so many synergies between the companies; our relationship will grow even stronger.”


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