TAL, the holding company for Home Telecom, Fleur Telecom, and Eclipse Broadband, announced that it has agreed to purchase the CityFibre residential customer base from Gigabit Networks Ltd.
TAL CEO Nigel Barnett has said, “Eze Talk Residential was part of the very successful Eze Talk Group that has been established for 22 years and is a serious player in the B2B space. Eze Talk Residential is a traditional telephony base including lines, calls, broadband, and all the other services that go with it.
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Home Telecom, part of the Telecom Acquisitions Group, has acquired the Openreach/TalkTalk […]
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Home Telecom joins Full Fibre’s partner programme to deliver ultrafast, reliable internet […]
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Telecom Acquisitions, the holding company for the ever-growing Home Telecom brand, completed […]
Neatly TAL acquisition
Home Telecom, the leading consumer brand of the Telecom Acquisitions group, is delighted to announce yet another strategic acquisition, this time in the form of the customer base of Neatley, a small well run business with a well-established TalkTalk and Vodafone customer base.
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Telecom Acquisitions partners with MS3 Networks to offer better broadband choice in […]